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“Fran Friedman uses music as a vehicle to build self-esteem and respect for others, bring awareness to disabilities, and celebrate diversity.”, says the Boston Sunday Globe. “Friedman’s songs all emphasize the importance and value of each individual.” Her music touches the hearts of children and adults alike, and stimulates discussion about how we can all make our world a better place.

Brighton, MA teacher, Suzanne Myers, says of Fran’s school concert, “Your songs were so meaningful. You have touched the children with the concepts of acceptance, understanding differences, love, self-esteem and respect, all of which are embedded in your songs. Both the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed your music.”

Sydney Bialo, Executive Director of the SHED program in Tewksbury, MA reports, “The teachers were all impressed by all the ways your songs can be integrated into the curriculum. As we watched you perform, we realized how easily your songs could be an integral part of every school day. Your tapes and songs have become a vital part of our curriculum; we use the basic concepts from your songs such as self-esteem development, understanding differences and disabilities, curiosity, love acceptance, and respect for others.”

Fran’s songs are selected very carefully so they are developmentally appropriate, so children can understand, participate, and learn, while having lots of fun!

Fran Friedman, Ph.D. presents keynote addresses and workshops for national, state and local organizations and schools. Her focus is on the emotional growth of children and how music can be used as a vehicle for that growth. Teacher and parent workshops include “Promoting Self-Esteem Through Music”, and “Understanding Disabilities Through Music”. Reviews of her presentations are consistently outstanding: “Excellent presentation with great ideas” “Very enthusiastic and motivating” “Dynamic and inspiring. Provided excellent ideas I will use in my class.” “Full of life with a wonderful sense of humor” “The time flew by.” “Best workshop in 11 years!”

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