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Have a great time as Fran Friedman entertains at your children’s parties and special events. Fran’s music is very interactive; the children participate in all the songs. Her music opens up the wonderful world of imagination to children. They have great fun as they become the wiggly-squiggly octopus in “The Aquarium”. They learn to make rainbows and colors in sign language during the song, “Rainbow Around Me”. Children receive wonderful gentle hugs, just for being who they are, in “The Gorilla Song.”

The music and activities Fran selects are developmentally appropriate, and is designed specifically for the children at the party. Fran brings toys and props for the children to use during the songs. She also brings instruments for all the children to play with, so everyone can have a great time participating in a fun-filled parade!

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(508) 358-1614

32 Rolling Lane Wayland, MA 01778